The bespoke jewellery we create is unique.
It's made just for you.

The beauty of fine jewellery is elevated when designed as a one of a kind, solely for the purpose of a single wearer. Whether designing the engagement ring of dreams, resetting a treasured heirloom or creating something unique with only one person in mind, Partridge Jewellers draw on the talent of the world’s top stone cutters and goldsmiths, alongside 150 years of experience and expertise to craft flawlessly unique pieces, worthy of the story they represent.


From initial consultation, our staff in every store are trained to listen to your desires and dreams, guiding you through the process of creating a truly stunning piece that encapsulates every aspect of the story it holds. Our talented in-house designers will present you with custom sketches to work alongside you in perfecting the final details. Following, our team of world-class experienced jewellers will meticulously hand craft your piece, paying particular attention to each element of the design, presenting you with the finished piece ready to bring pride and joy to the wearer.



The staff in all of our stores are trained in our Bespoke process and look forward to working with you in the creation of your next piece.

Wellington is now the home of our very first “Partridge Bespoke Room”, an individual premise entirely dedicated to bespoke creations. We look forward to welcoming the addition of our new Partridge Bespoke Room as a dedicated, separate room up-stairs in our Queen Street store.

Nikki is one our talented designers and a sixth-generation member of the Partridge family, responsible for some of our gorgeous jewellery including the Golden Rose, Dream Catcher, and Halo collections, as well as many other one-off pieces. Janet is the in-house designer located permanently at our Wellington Bespoke Room. We welcome you to visit and explore some of her beautiful designs.


Our diamonds & gemstones

At Partridge we take pride in sourcing an array of the world’s most exceptional and unique stones to ensure the perfect gem for your one of a kind piece. With his life-long passion for jewellery, fifth generation owner Grant Partridge meticulously selects each stone with an eye for breath-taking perfection and an uncompromising quality; a testament to the Partridge standard of excellence.