Movál® diamonds are truly unique. They possess many features of a marquise cut, but have the soft curves of an oval. Essentially, the beauty of both cuts are showcased in a single stone. Movál® diamonds are also famous for their intense scintillation due to the expert placement of their facets.

Only roughs in the colourless region with high clarity are chosen to become a Movál® diamond, and the unique features of each dictate how the diamond is sculpted. This means that no two are ever the same.
Partridge Jewellers are the exclusive retailer of Movál® diamonds in New Zealand. These special stones have inspired our designers to create some stunning pieces with an emphasis on show- stopping rings. Movál® diamonds are particularly suited to this purpose as their elongated shape serves to lengthen the finger for unrivalled elegance.

Rahaminov Diamonds of Los Angeles are the exclusive cutters of Movál® diamonds. Like Partridge Jewellers, they are a family-owned business with an impressive pedigree. Founded more than 70 years ago, Rahaminov Diamonds are an internationally recognised diamond house known for supplying beautifully cut, rare stones. 
If you are interested in owning a diamond as unique as you, please get in touch. We will be happy to guide you through our Movál® collection, or discuss using these outstanding diamonds in a one-off, bespoke piece.

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