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David Yurman

Based in New York City and rooted in art, David Yurman is America’s preeminent jewellery company. Cofounders David and Sybil Yurman collaborate with their son, Evan, to create timeless designs that express emotion, individuality and connection.

Together, the Yurmans harness the power of creativity to innovate and inspire, celebrating individual style and the human spirit. As artists, they have an eye for the unconventional—whether mixing metals or using materials like titanium, meteorite and forged carbon, they bring a modern view to luxury jewellery. 

According to David and Sybil, the company is “one long art project.” Their ability to fuse fashion, art andjewellery into signature design concepts has revolutionized an industry and created an aesthetic that is unmistakably Yurman.

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David YurmanDavid Yurman


Named after the home of Art Deco icons like the GE and Chrysler Buildings, Lexington celebrates the sleek sensibility of 1930s Manhattan architecture. Clean lines, and the juxtaposition of smooth and Cabled metal transform David’s signature oval-link chain into a city-chic essential that can be styled with unique amulets or the collection’s faceted pendants. 

The Cable Collection

David Yurman’s signature motif, Cable began as a bracelet that he created for his wife, Sybil. Inspired by the bronze rods he used for his direct-welded sculptures, David twisted individual strands of metal into a helix and embellished the end caps with colored gemstones. Today, Cable shapes every design, creating movement, texture and depth. As David has said, “Cable is the river that runs through everything I do.” 

David YurmanDavid Yurman
David YurmanDavid Yurman


Starburst was born from David and Sybil Yurman’s experience watching fireworks illuminate the Paris night sky. The magical bursts of light greatly moved Sybil, inspiring David to create designs of brilliant star motifs.

The Châtelaine

Châtelaine celebrates two distinct inspirations—David Yurman’s mastery of sculpture and his wife, Sybil’s, sophisticated eye for color. The collection features chromatic gemstones, many of which are rendered in David’s signature faceted cushion cut and complemented by hand-set pavé diamonds. As David says, every piece is designed to generate “a deeply personal response.”

David YurmanDavid Yurman

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David YurmanDavid Yurman