It was the determination to excel that brought about the birth of Grand Seiko in 1960. During its development and ever since, the idea that drove the designers and engineers was that Grand Seiko should be the ‘ideal’ watch with standards of precision, durability and beauty that would lead the world.

Grand Seiko celebrates the Japanese spirituality of time that is deeply inspired by nature and her seasons. This is brought to life by Takumi, or artisans; dedicated seekers of mastery.
The spirit of Takumi lives deep within every Grand Seiko watch. Practiced and perfected as ‘the way’, the artisans pour their entire selves in every detail of the process.
The result is an elevated horology. An art of pioneering precision, legibility, durability, and beauty. This pursuit of perfection has earned Grand Seiko a number of prestigious accolades. After winning every chronometer competition in Japan, the Grand Seiko team looked overseas for new challenges. From 1964, Grand Seiko’s entries in Swiss observatory chronometry trials steadily improved, and by the late 1960s, they were dominating them.
In 1988, the first Grand Seiko quartz watch, the 95GS, was born. It far exceeded the performance of all other regular quartz watches of the time.

Today, thanks to unrelenting in-house development, Grand Seiko’s 9S mechanical and 9F quartz movements are amongst the finest calibres in the world.
And then there is the Spring Drive movement. First introduced in 2005, Spring Drive is a unique watch technology. It generates energy like every other luxury mechanical watch, but combines this with an electronic regulator to deliver a level of precision that no mechanical watch can match.
Grand Seiko is also synonymous with a truly Japanese sense of beauty. This is defined by simplicity, purity and practicality. Each and every Grand Seiko has the special ‘sparkle of quality’. This use of light and its reflection is to be found in the true perfection of every detail. Every facet of the hands and the markers are designed to reflect even the smallest ray of light, creating a crisp, clear, unique aesthetic.
Grand Seiko, Made by hand for those who value perfection.

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