Our History

Sixth Generation Jewellers

With the strong foundation of a family business going back six generations, Partridge Jewellers are one of the most well-established jewellery companies in New Zealand. Starting in Christchurch back in 1864, Partridge Jewellers’ history spans across the entire country where we have sown our reputation for dedication to quality and innovative design.

Our Origins

With a presence in two countries and a 200-year history of designing, creating and caring for fine jewellery, Partridge Jewellers in now synonymous with high-end, luxury pieces. What once started as a quaint workshop with a man and his sons has now grown into a legacy of craftsmanship and excellence.

A Heritage of Excellence

Specialising in diamonds, precious gems, pearls, gold and platinum, Partridge Jewellers are the go-to dealers for New Zealand’s finest jewellery pieces. Our relationships with internationally leading jewellery houses ensure we are offering our customers the latest trends and designs available. This, in addition to our top of the range in-house design and manufacture, has secured our position as New Zealand’s preferred jeweller.

Rolex at Partridge Jewellers

Partridge Jewellers have been an official retailer of Rolex products for over 30 years. From our humble beginnings, throughout our expansion into New Zealand’s major cities and our ensuing success, we have always remained true to our values of the highest standards and a commitment to quality. Our authentic Rolex timepieces are available in our Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown locations.

Partridge Jewellers invites you to experience rolex with us