Proposal Concierge Service

The proposal is one of the most memorable moments in every relationship and an occasion to be treasured for the rest of life to come. While every relationship is unique and there is no single way to ask your partner, planning the perfect proposal to live up to such a milestone in life is a task of much consideration, but one always worth the extra mile.

The Partridge Proposal Concierge service takes the stress from the planning stage, providing an array of experiences fit to celebrate the most magical of love stories, allowing you to focus on the final touches tailored to you and your loved one. Choose from one of our luxurious options below to mark the beginning your loving lives together with a sense of true extravagance


Make your special moment one to remember with a ‘symbol of love’ to be cherished forever. As a final touch to complete your intimate proposal, celebrate the excitement of beginning your journey together with a bottle of French champagne provided by Partridge Jewellers, alongside a pair Waterford Crystal champagne flutes to be treasured for your lifetimes to come, as a reminder of the memory created ($195.00).



Treat your loved one and indulge in ‘something special’ with a luxurious three course meal and a drink to match, at one of your city’s most lavish restaurants arranged by Partridge Jewellers. In conclusion of your meal, continue the celebrations in the intimacy of your own home and make a toast to the lifelong happiness to come with a bottle of French champagne provided by Partridge Jewellers, alongside a pair of Waterford Crystal champagne flutes to be kept as a symbol of the beginning of your love story to come ($395.00).

Partridge Jewellers


Set the tone of true love for your story together and elevate your proposal to an evening to be ‘remembered forever after’. In addition to the dinner included in ‘option 2 - something special’, Partridge Jewellers will arrange a nights accommodation in one of the city’s most luxury hotels, accompanied by a bottle of French champagne in your room with a pair of Waterford Crystal champagne flutes, as a symbol to be kept to remember life’s most treasured moment ($695.00).