Partridge Pre-Owned | Frequently Asked QuestionsPartridge Pre-Owned | Frequently Asked Questions

Partridge Pre-Owned | Frequently Asked Questions

For generations we’ve been guiding clients through every aspect of the watch-buying experience. Allow us to help you find the perfect pre-owned timepiece for your personality and price range.

Can I trust the authenticity and condition of a pre-owned watch from Partridge? 

Absolutely. We take pride in our reputation for authenticity and quality. Our pre-owned watches are carefully sourced, authenticated, and serviced to meet our high standards. 

Before Partridge acquires a timepiece, it must pass a thorough assessment by our team of watchmakers. You can expect all watches from the Partridge Pre-owned collection to have undergone the following:

-       Full assessment of the watch, including verifying the origin and authenticity of all of its components
-       Ultrasonic cleaning
-       Rigorous testing of all functions, time-keeping, power reserve and water-resistance 
-       If required, our experts will perform a full service of movement and refinishing of the case and bracelet


Do pre-owned watches come with the original box and papers?

While some pre-owned watches may come with the original box and papers, this will vary from timepiece to timepiece. The product description will indicate whether these items are included. Watches without the original box and papers will only be accepted into the Partridge Pre-owned collection if we are completely satisfied with the initial inspection.


How do you determine the condition of the watch?

Partridge uses the TZ Grading system for a general overview of the watch. Depending on the timepiece's type and era, further details on the condition will also be outlined.


What does your 12-month warranty cover?

Our confidence in quality assurance allows us to set a 12-month warranty for all Partridge Pre-owned timepieces. This warranty will cover and rectify any issues regarding the general health of the watch and its movement. Any evidence suggesting shock damage or misuse of the watch and general wear and tear of the case, bracelet/strap will not be covered by the warranty.

Should the timepiece still have some of its original factory warranty remaining, the balance of this warranty will be transferred to the new owner. If a timepiece has less than 12 months years remaining from the original factory warranty, Partridge-owned will cover the extra time required to satisfy an entire 12-month warranty period.


I'm interested in selling my watch. What is the process? 

We encourage you to bring any timepieces and all relevant documentation to one of our boutiques, where our watch experts will initiate the Partridge Pre-owned process. The Pre-purchase inspection takes place with our watchmakers in Auckland and will take approximately two working days to complete once the watch has arrived. The process involves a full inspection and if we are satisfied with the outcome, our team will provide you with a quote. 
Please note that the watch caseback will be opened for examination. Should you choose not to proceed with the trade-in, our team will reseal and pressure test your watch and notify you once it is ready for collection.  


Can I view and try on Partridge Pre-owned watches in person?

We would be delighted to invite you for a try-on experience in one of our boutiques. Partridge Pre-owned watches are available for viewing and purchase in our 112 Queen Street boutique. If you are based outside of Auckland please contact our team here to arrange a viewing.


How often are new pre-owned watches added to your collection? 

Our pre-owned watch collection is updated as we acquire new pieces. We recommend checking our website to see the latest additions.


How do you determine the pricing of pre-owned watches?  

The pricing of our pre-owned watches is determined based on factors such as brand, model, condition, rarity, and market demand. Our team of experts carefully assess each timepiece to set a fair price.


What is your returns policy?

All sales of pre-owned watches are final, and we cannot offer refunds for change of mind. Occasionally, we may provide a quote to purchase the watch back from you, subject to completing our quality control checks.


Do you offer finance? 

Yes, we do offer a range of financing options for your convenience. Click here to learn more about our financing options and the terms available.

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