Over the course of our six-generation existence, Partridge Jewellers has been unfailingly committed to the craft of fine jewellery-making. We do, after all, come from a long line of celebrated New Zealand jewellers.

The Partridge Hallmark is a tribute to that — an ever-evolving line of jewellery that embodies our 150 years of expertise in the craft of jewellery-making.

From the sourcing of stones to the artisans who craft each uniquely designed piece, our long standing relationships with the world's finest sources and makers — including those here in New Zealand — are what set us apart from the rest.
Our commitment to excellence and values around ethical sourcing are imbued in this jewellery line, which is available at our stores across the country and sits alongside our outstanding range of international brands.
At the heart of Partridge Hallmark jewellery is the hallmark itself, a small but significant 'P' symbol that marks each expertly crafted piece as just that — an item made to our exacting standards.

Within the Partridge Hallmark offering you will find various collections along with speciality diamonds including the revered ASHOKA, MOVÀL, De Beers Forevermark and Argyle Pink varieties. Not only is each piece designed to be cherished today, but it marks the beginning of an heirloom's journey from generation to generation.
Partridge Hallmark jewellery represents our commitment to craftsmanship, authenticity, provenance, and a promise of future value to those who purchase it.


Any item marked with the Partridge ‘P’ Hallmark will assure you of the following:

That the materials used are reputably sourced according to quality, value and ethics in equal measure.

That the item itself has been crafted by our select team of highly-qualified jewellers and/or goldsmiths, in workshops across New Zealand and the world.

That Partridge Jewellers will endeavour to protect the integrity of any item that bears its Hallmark for generations to come.