Now More Than Ever

Ora Più Che Mai (“Now More Than Ever”)

Acclaimed Italian jewellery house Crivelli presents the Ora Più Che Mai (“Now More Than Ever”) collection. The collection’s protagonist is the heart; a symbol of rebirth, rediscovery and, of course, love.

Founder, Bruno Crivelli, has sought to create pieces which reflect the beauty of interpersonal relationships in the face of recent, unprecedented events which have forced people apart.
The Ora Più Che Mai collection redefines the heart symbol in four meaningful designs. Abbraccio, the “Embrace” of two hearts becomes a precious, loving entanglement. Infinito, the “Infinity” of the heart, a symbol of eternity. Incontro, “Togetherness” in love to celebrate happy moments. Unione, “United” in love.

The collection showcases Italian craftsmanship with a contemporary reworking of timeless symbolism. Using 18ct gold, enamel and diamonds, each piece embodies beauty, exceptional quality, and meaningful connections.
“We work with our heart” is Crivelli’s motto. This collection proves this more than ever.

14 Items

14 Items