Diamonds Cut

The most important factor of a diamond is the cut, this will determine the overall beauty and sparkle the stone will showcase. A well-cut diamond will demonstrate symmetrical mirror-like facets that display optimum scintillation. However, if a diamond has been cut poorly, even if it is a colourless and internally flawless diamond it will not reflect the light and glisten in a way that a well-proportioned diamond does.

The sparkle that a diamond executes is often referred to as the “fire”, these are the flashes of light you see as the diamond moves. Depending on the shape of the diamond some will radiate more fire than others.

When purchasing our diamonds, we ensure the diamonds have been cut to the highest standard that are proportioned correctly to reflect and refract light for maximum brightness and sparkle.


Excellent cut diamonds are highly sort after, for they are proportioned to the best symmetry to ensure all of the light entering the diamond is reflected appropriately and the maximum brilliance achieved. When the diamond is cut to the excellent standard it will highlight intense flashes of sparkle enhancing the beauty of the diamond.


Very good

When light enters a very good cut diamond it will be entering through the top surface of the stone known as the crown. Inflowing light will reflect well generating a very high brilliance of light.

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A Good grade diamond will not show the same amount of brightness and brilliance when compared to an Excellent or Very Good graded diamond. Still reflecting most of the light the diamonds sparkle will appear slightly darker having less fire.



A Fair cut diamond often experiences leakage of light through the bottom of the diamond because of the proportions the stone has been cut. It may only be a few degrees in difference between the cutting of an Excellent stone to a Fair cut, but the difference in sparkle is obvious. Since the diamond light has not reflected through the top crown this will give the appearance that the diamond is dark with dampened brilliance due to the light leakage.

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