Diamond Clarity

Clarity measures the purity and rarity of the stone and how free from tiny blemishes it is. The position, colour, size and number of inclusions is all taken into consideration when the diamond is graded under a ten times magnification.

These blemishes and impurifications are all natural and have formed in the earth mantle as it crystallised under extreme heat and pressure and are generally invisible to the naked eye.

The inclusions that occur can appear as surface scratches and nicks, tiny fissures or feathers that are made up of crystals that can be diamond or other minerals. The difference between the grades are so subtle even a jeweller may not be able to differentiate once the stone is set.

Internally flawless diamonds are the rarest of the clarity and will demand a higher price to diamonds that encompass natural flaws. The clarity of diamonds have been divided into five categories ranging from Internally flawless to Included.

Flawless – Internally Flawless

Flawless and Internally flawless diamonds represent the pinnacle of perfect diamond clarity. There is very little difference between the two, however an Internally Flawless diamond may have characteristics such as minute scratches or small polish marks which occurred during polishing. A flawless diamond will have no internal or external imperfections under 10 power magnification.


Very Very Slight (VVS)

Diamonds with incredibly minute inclusions fall into the VVS Very Very slightly included category. Their imperfections are extremely minimal even to a trained expert under 10 power magnification. There is likely to be only one or possibly two incredibly small impurities.

Very Slight (VS)

A Very Slightly included stone may have a blemish such as a small crystal, tiny cloud or a feather as part of the natural inclusion in the stone. A VS2 stone may display slightly more of these imperfections. Generally, in a VS stone it is hard to detect any natural inclusions with the naked eye and it does not influence the stones natural beauty.


Slightly Included (SI)

Slightly Included diamonds have imperfections that are easily noticeable using a 10-power magnification. If the Slightly Included stone is of a slightly lower SI grade occasionally these are visible with the naked eye, this is more likely to be seen in a flat surfaced stone such as an Emerald cut.

Included (I-1, I-2, I-3)

Included diamonds will have obvious impurities in the stone that are visible to the naked eye. Depending on the size and type of imperfections this can adversely impact the diamonds brilliance, transparency and durability.