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You say you are a ‘jeweller by mistake’ — can you tell us about your background and how your beginnings in the jewellery industry? In a past life, I was an hotelier at quite an important hotel in the Channel Islands, England. Like every Italian however, fashion is in our genes. I knew I had the creativity within me, and I wanted to challenge myself by seeing if I was capable of pursuing my dream to design jewellery. All I knew was that gold was yellow, diamonds were white. So I started learning and applying myself for several years, travelling the world, learning about jewellery from books and studying every manufacturing method possible. Following this period, I knew it was possible to create a brand of my own.


You started the business in 1996, and now your jewellery is sold in over 1000 stores around the world. What is your secret to business success in a world that is dominated by luxury names? Ever since I started, I knew I needed to be myself and for Roberto Coin, the brand, to be an extension of me. I didn’t want to follow any of the other maestros from around the world. I wanted to deliver the best quality product and I needed to know that my taste would be pleasing to my clients. I had such an affinity for the work, I knew I had to do it and I think being true to myself — not following anyone else — is what has helped the business succeed over time.


What does Corporate Social Responsibility mean to you? To create a brand is how you behave in life. The two are not separate. As a business, you have to be credible, transparent and take responsibility for your actions. I have always followed the traceability of diamonds and gold, and I was one of the founders of the World Diamond Council. I travel the world to see all of our clients personally as I have always wanted our clients to feel that our quality is the best and that we are a brand of the utmost creativity. But above all, you have to be credible.

Partridge JewellersPartridge Jewellers

There is a small ‘signature’ Ruby in every one of your designs — you say that it is the ‘heart and soul’ of your jewellery. Why is this feature is so important? I have always wanted to please and delight people with my designs. The story of the Ruby has a few references, but one comes from the Egyptian pharaohs, who loved rubies so much and believed that when they touched the skin of a woman, they would bring good luck, fortune and prosperity. So I decided to insert a ruby into each piece of my jewellery to bring good luck to all those who wear it.


As an Italian, you talk about being eternally inspired by your homeland. Places like Venice and Verona provide the inspiration behind two of your most iconic collections. How does your way of life as an Italian impact your creativity and approach to design? I love sport, nature, art, history, interior design, good food and wine. We are lucky to have such a rich offering of these things in Italy as well as in fashion. I am fascinated by everything in life so finding inspiration is easy.


You have such an wonderful outlook on life. What is your best piece of advice? Be positive and look at every problem like a new challenge worth solving. Life is beautiful!