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Partridge Jewellers Airpoints™ Terms and Conditions

  1. Airpoints Dollars™ may be earned on all Partridge Jewellers products or services from a Partridge Jewellers store, except Rolex and Patek Philippe purchases. 
  2. To be eligible to earn Airpoints Dollars you must be a member of Air New Zealand’s Airpoints programme (which is subject to Air New Zealand’s Airpoints terms and conditions)
  3. The earning rate is subject to change from time to time and minimum spend and exclusions may apply. You will earn 1 Airpoints Dollar (cumulatively) for every $75 spent at Partridge Jewellers.  
  4. It is the customers’ responsibility to let us know of any changes to their Airpoints account information.
  5. We will not be liable for any loss, including any loss of benefits, resulting from the Airpoints account details being out of date, inaccurate or otherwise.
  6. Airpoints customers may also be eligible to earn additional Airpoints Dollars through special offers or promotions that we notify you of from time to time, subject to both these terms and conditions and any additional offer or promotion terms. 
  7. Airpoints Dollars will be awarded to your Airpoints account within 14 days of a Partridge Jewellers store purchase being made. 
  8. If for any reason, the payment that earned you Airpoints Dollars is refunded or dishonoured, or you cancel the Eligible Product that you took out with us, we reserve the right to deduct those Airpoints Dollars from the Airpoints account linked to the policy number for that Eligible Product.
  9. In addition, by earning Airpoints Dollars with us, you acknowledge and agree that personal information about you, together with other data relating to transactions that earn you Airpoints Dollars, may be collected, used, stored and disclosed by us, our contractors, Air New Zealand and/or its Airpoints partners for the following purposes:  

    • a. to administer the Airpoints programme, including:
      • i. communicating with you about the Airpoints programme;
      • ii. undertaking data matching activities;
      • iii. providing such information and data to Air New Zealand and its
        Airpoints partners (including for the redemption of rewards)
    • b. to enable marketing activities, including the planning, research, promotion and marketing of goods, services and products, to you by us, Air New Zealand or its Airpoints partners;
    • c. to conduct analyses relating to the Airpoints programme; and
    • d. to assist in law enforcement purposes, investigations by police or other government or regulatory authorities and to meet requirements imposed by applicable laws and regulations or other obligations committed to government or regulatory authorities.
  10. We may stop awarding Airpoints Dollars to you at any time at our absolute discretion, including if:

    • a. we cease to be a partner in Air New Zealand ’s Airpoints programme; or
    • b. you are no longer eligible to earn Airpoints Dollars through us.
  11. We are not responsible, and accept no liability, for any act or omission of Air New Zealand or its Airpoints partners in respect of the Airpoints programme. 
  12. We may change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice by publishing an amendment to these terms and conditions on our website, with such amendment to be effective from the date of publication.