The Partridge Story

Synonymous with fine jewellery and high-end watch brands

Our reputation is the result of six generations of experience. You can find our stores in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

The Partridge Guarantee

Partridge Jewellers is a registered member of the New Zealand Jewellers and Watchmakers Association.

We are committed to bringing our customers the very best quality and value jewellery. We are also dedicated to providing the finest after sales customer care that we possibly can. This is why, in order to ensure that your purchases are expertly maintained and cared for, we employ a highly skilled team of craftsmen who are always available to meet your individual requirements.

Partridge Jewellers will provide you with: A "Certificate of Authenticity" for each piece of jewellery purchased, A life-time cleaning service, free of charge, and a free inspection to advise of any repair requirements. Watches are covered under an international brand warranty.


Sixth Generation Jewellers

There are few families in New Zealand who can claim to have a business going back almost 200 years, let alone a jewellery dynasty. The Partridge family are the exception.

Our unique story spans two countries and covers six generations. There is a common theme of family unity, the passing of knowledge and values from one generation to the next, and the highest commitment to craft, quality and service.

Diamonds, precious gems, pearls, gold and platinum are our specialities. We design and manufacture much of the jewellery we sell, including a bespoke service for one-off pieces. We import a unique selection of pieces from leading international jewellery houses. This offers our customers jewellery in line with the very latest international trends.

James Timothy Partridge

Grandson of a manufacturing jeweller from Devon, James arrived in New Zealand in 1864 with his family. He established a reputation for exquisite workmanship in Timaru, later moving to open in Manchester Street, Christchurch.

Linnaeus Richard Partridge

All three of James' sons became jewellers but it was the youngest, Linnaeus who excelled. In 1898 he headed to Wellington to set up a small workshop in Willis St. Linnaeus'reputation in Wellington was unparalleled being commissioned for everything from medals to trophies and Prime Ministerial gifts.

Cecil Linnaeus Partridge

Trained in his father's workshop Cecil was widely praised for his intricate engraving work as evidenced by a silver salver presented to the young Queen Elizabeth.

Raymond Owen Partridge

Cecil took son Ray into the business in the 1950’s and by the 1980’s he had opened on Lambton Quay and Cuba Street. This firmly established the Partridge reputation for fine jewellery and watches, as well as community support as Ray involved himself in civic and voluntary duties for the city.

Grant Richard Partridge

Determined to further the Partridge reputation for luxury, Grant started in the business at the age of 16. He has opened stores in Queen St and Newmarket, Auckland as well as Queenstown and Christchurch. Under Grant's leadership Partridge is firmly established as New Zealand's leading retailer of luxury watch brands and fine jewellery manufacturer.

Sam William Partridge

Grant’s son Sam first began working in the Wellington store learning the ropes. He has a marketing and international business degree from Victoria University. Sam is passionate about adding to the family heritage of craft, quality and service for jewellery and watches. He has recently relocated to Auckland and has been promoted to Rolex Boutique Store Manager.