There are not many families in New Zealand who can claim 
to have a business link going back nearly 200 years, let alone a jewellery
dynasty. The Partridge family are the exception....
What makes their story so unique is that it spans 2 countries, 
covers 8 generations and encapsulates the true pioneering spirit 
that built our commercial culture.
Throughout their history there is a common theme of family unity, 
the passing of knowledge and values from one generation to the next, 
and the commitment to excellent service and the highest quality of 
fine jewellery and watches.
james timothy
Grandson of a Manufacturing Jeweller from Kingsbridge Devon, James arrived in New Zealand in 1874 with his family and established a reputation for his exquisite workmanship in Church Street Timaru. Business prospered and he moved with his family to Christchurch in the 1880’s and opened in Manchester Street.
linnaeus richard
All three of James’ sons became jewelers but it was his youngest, Linnaeus who excelled and carried on the lineage.
In 1898 he broke away from his brothers and headed for Wellington setting up a small workshop in Willis St.
That same year fire destroyed the workshop but he bounced back establishing what was to become a successful 40 year partnership with fellow local jeweller George Jenness.
Linnaeus’s reputation in Wellington was unparalleled being commissioned for everything from medals and trophies to Prime Ministerial gifts.
cecil linnaeus
Trained in his father’s workshop Cecil was widely praised for his intricate engraving work as evidenced in a silver salver presented to the young Queen Elizabeth.
raymond owen
Cecil took his son Ray in to the business in the 1950’s and in the `1970’s Ray opened Partridge Jewellers on Lambton Quay as well as another in Cuba Street in the 1980’s where the Partridge reputation for fine watches, jewellery and crystal was firmly established. Ray also ensured the Partridge name also stood for supporting the community of Wellington involving himself in many civic and voluntary duties for the better of the city.
grant richard
Having worked in the business with his father since he was 16, Grant too was determined to further enhance the fine reputation built by his forebears. Opening stores in Queens Street and Newmarket Auckland as well as Queenstown and Christchurch, Grant has cemented the Partridge reputation as a world class luxury brand and New Zealand’s leading retailer of fine watches and manufacturer of jewellery of superb quality.
nicola jane

The last link on the chain – so far! Like her predecessors Nicola showed talent from an early age and is now the brand’s principle jewellery designer.
Her designs include the stunning Halo collection as well as extraordinary one off pieces to celebrate Partridge Jewellers 150th anniversary in 2014.